International Moves

Moving Made Easy

AtlasVanOpWithFamilyInternational Moving means we can relocate you anywhere in the world.

Due to the changes in the economy there is becoming more and more of a need for individuals and companies to move internationally. A-1 Movers has the ability and equipment to get your shipment anywhere in the world and on time.

Overseas Shipments

When moving overseas, extra precautions need to be taken to make sure your shipment can make the journey.

IMG_6133Your belongings will first be wrapped with thick, brown paper. From there, everything will be loaded into large wooden crates. These crates are built from heat treated lumber to ensure their strength and longevity.

Once your shipment is loaded, it’s sealed on all sides with shipping labels, so there’s no doubt that they haven’t been tampered with.

IMG_6191From here, we load the crates into one of our freight trailers to be transferred to the next step in the process. Most containers are shipped overseas by boat, but this may vary based on where you are going.

Give us a call anytime to ask about the process, and gather information about how A1 Movers can get you where you need to go!